With my travel companion Pierre... 

... I write upbeat songs about escaping the city... followed by mid tempo ballads to my loved ones that I miss from the tropical shores of the sea.

I have traveled near and far, picking up inspiration, unconventional instruments and varying perspectives along the way. Retired nutritionist, former latin dance instructor, startup maker ... Can’t make up my mind? Not really... I’ve got two arms wide open for all of my passions.  Some more on that:

A few years ago, I had an undeniable need to learn about, play and create music - fast forward to present day - I have a degree of contemporary music from Humber College, an EP released in 2009, a Sing Along project inspired by my love for dancing, kids and Bob Marley.... And now, I currently have two major loves: 

Vocal Freedom: A guided Vocal Training Program that provides one on one vocal coaching combined with audio exercises and instructional pdf’s - personalized each week to support and encourage singers to excel. I’m hard at work to make this a reality and can’t wait to share it!

A Tech startup: Several years ago, as an indie artist trying to get exposure for my first independent release, I was feeling overworked and unsupported... Until I was inspired with the idea of providing a unique and interactive online platform for the arts community. This one awaits more love and hard work in order to be put out into the world!

More on me: I light up at the thought of growing my spirit while helping others - having deep connections, a continuously evolving understanding of the world around me, and creating space for excitement when fear of the unknown creeps in – usually while taking giant steps forward (into said unknown)! Frequent smiler, occasional meditator, all-day dreamer.

I look forward to bringing love, creativity and goodness to the world

Much love,